Location Security

Location and Studio Security

We have a team of fully trained SIA licensed Security Operatives who will protect and secure your crew, set, location and equipment 24 hours a day.

Dealing with general public and vehicles can be difficult so our dedicated lead man will work along side the AD to make sure things run as smooth as possible.

Crowd control can often be a problem our operatives are trained to secure the area, monitor the crowd and ask politely to stay quiet during takes.

Our operatives are familiar with the varied needs of busy productions. Staff liaise with the public pleasantly and efficiently, diffusing any potential problems before they arise with charm and diplomacy.

Unit base Security

After coning and securing any areas ready for Unit Base, our operatives will be there to see in your unit and make sure their arrival runs as smoothly as possible.

We’re first there in the morning and last out at night, following your instructions to park up catering and technical vehicles, monitor fridges and fuel-levels overnight, directing crew, background artist’s cars and securing artistes areas and production offices.

Location Support and Assistance

Location managers are very busy people so by using Setwatch we will be your eyes and ears and contact on site.

Although our main priority is security, our operatives can also be used as location assistants, this may include the handling of water bowsers, fuel bowsers, tower lights, generators, litter picking etc. and anything else that is deemed reasonable.

Coning Service

Coning off areas for filming is a vital part of any production. Our operatives are equipped to carry out coning operations on any scale. Furthermore, our coning service is absolutely free.

Close Protection

Our top Artiste Security Operatives are highly trained and have the benefit of years of experience.

With an ex-military or police background, our close protection specialists are the epitome of discretion and integrity. Creating a secure and safe environment, continuously monitoring threat risk and ensuring the principles privacy are paramount to creating a harmonious working environment for the principle.

Event Security

Event Security is a specialised service that requires security personnel with the ability to operate to an extremely high standard in an intense environment over long hours.

Setwatch has vast experience in supplying Event Guarding Teams for numerous events, concerts, festivals and private functions.

Asset Protection

Selecting a security company for your asset protection requirements is a very important decision, particularly if you want reliable, professional and trustworthy personnel.

Setwatch offers an extensive range of security and associated asset protection services. We are able to provide different levels and variations of security based on the type and location of your business assets and needs.

Media Protection

Setwatch Provide Security opeartives to support media crews anywhere within the UK.

We can be tasked at short notice to secure news crews, documentaries, undercover filming, elections, protests, demonstrations, football matches.

All operatives have Front Line SIA licenses, first aid at work certificate and have been CRB checked


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